Curral dos Romeiros Viewpoint

Surrounded by trees and vegetation characteristic of the hills and valleys of the south coast of Madeira, the Curral dos Romeiros Viewpoint offers an atmosphere of rare beauty where Nature reigns supreme.


The Curral dos Romeiros Viewpoint was built at an altitude of around 600 metres, so its high position on the mountain, overlooking the city of Funchal, offers you a rare panoramic perspective of the region. The scenery is painted in different shades, all of which very vivid: the dense green forest, the houses of the capital of Madeira and, in the background, the crystal-clear blue Atlantic Ocean.


Located at Caminho dos Pretos, the Curral dos Romeiros Viewpoint belongs to the parish of Monte, a place known for its emblematic palaces, tropical gardens and romantic atmosphere. This observatory is located next to the reservoirs built in the area to store water used to irrigate the land.


From here, it is possible to see points of interest such as the João Gomes stream, which flows towards Funchal, where it drains off, or Cabo Girão, the highest promontory in Europe, with an altitude of 580 metres.

In the parish of Monte, at an altitude of 600 metres, the Curral dos Romeiros Viewpoint offers an unobstructed view over the Atlantic and points of interest such as Cabo Girão.

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