Lido Viewpoint

Funchal has a historic and symbiotic relationship with the ocean, so the constant presence of the sea is unavoidable on any visit to the city. However, there are places where this experience becomes even more evident, such as the Lido Viewpoint which offers visitors the chance to enjoy relaxing moments with the Atlantic in the foreground.


Located at the heart of the tourist area, this observatory is at an altitude of 12 metres. With its privileged location, on the border between land and sea, it is surrounded by a seductive landscape dominated by the blue depth of the Atlantic Ocean.


The Lido Islet, a geological formation 130 metres off the coastline of the island of Madeira, stands out in the view from the Lido Viewpoint. Here, you will find benches facing the sea, perfect to enjoy moments of contemplation by the ocean, with the bustling centre of the city of Funchal very close by.


The Lido Viewpoint, accessible through Rua Leichlingen, is part of the Lido Garden. This landscaped area, much sought after by visitors and locals alike, has a lawn and several species of Madeira's flora, such as the Canary Islands dragon tree, the Canary laurel and the firetree.

The Lido Viewpoint offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy relaxing moments with the Atlantic Ocean in the foreground and the Lido Islet taking centre stage.

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