Pico Alto Viewpoint

The imposing mountain that rises up on the south coast of the island of Madeira offers a unique setting to the city (especially when seen from the sea). It is precisely there, at the heart of Funchal's Ecological Park, that visitors can find one of the municipality's highest natural observatories, the Pico Alto Viewpoint.


Located at an altitude of 1129 metres, it offers an unobstructed view over the coastline, with the immeasurable breadth of the Atlantic Ocean in the background. From the Pico Alto Viewpoint it is possible to see virtually the entire extension of the city of Funchal, as well as its emblematic bay.


The Pico Alto viewpoint also allows you to see Chão da Lagoa, which is also part of Funchal's Ecological Park, which was created in 1994 on the initiative of the Funchal City Council, with the mission of promoting environmental education, ensuring the conservation of Nature and providing visitors with a number of leisure and recreational facilities.


Currently, this Ecological Park covers an area of approximately 10 km², and is a favourite spot for enjoying various leisure and sporting activities - always surrounded, of course, by an unparalleled landscape.

Within Funchal's Ecological Park, at an altitude of 1129 metres, the Pico Alto Viewpoint offers a panoramic view over the capital of Madeira, its bay and the Atlantic.

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