Pico dos Barcelos Viewpoint

The large valley that serves as a natural amphitheatre for Funchal, on one side, and the calm sea that bathes the south coast of Madeira, on the other: this is what you can see from the Pico dos Barcelos Viewpoint.


Located in the parish of Santo António - home to the 'Andorinha' football club, which kick-started Cristiano Ronaldo's career - this observatory is at an altitude of 355 metres and is ideally positioned for visitors to enjoy peaceful views of Funchal's urban landscape, particularly its bay.


Pico dos Barcelos Viewpoint also allows you, on days when the visibility is good, to see the Desertas Islands, a group of three small volcanic islands: Ilhéu Chão, Deserta Grande and Bugio. This is, of course, a magnificent and memorable panoramic view.


We should note that the Pico dos Barcelos Viewpoint has recently been renovated. It currently has more green and leisure areas, restaurants and shops that sell regional and handicraft products. Its accesses have also been improved. There are plenty of reasons to enjoy this unique viewpoint.

Located in the parish of Santo António, at an altitude of 355 metres, the Pico dos Barcelos Viewpoint offers a panoramic view over Funchal and the Desertas Islands.

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