Pináculo Viewpoint

The landscape of the Pináculo Viewpoint has become one of the most emblematic images of the capital of Madeira, as it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, with its blue depth taking centre stage.


This observatory is located on the eastern edge of the municipality of Funchal, and is currently one of the spots most photographed and shared on social media. The main reason for this phenomenon is, of course, the undisputed grandeur of the scenery it offers its visitors.


Located 283 metres above sea level, the Pináculo Viewpoint is in a perfect position for contemplating the peaceful ocean that bathes the southern coast of the island of Madeira. From here, you can admire in detail the outline of Funchal bay, as well as the extension of this Atlantic capital up the hillside.


While it is worth visiting during the day, a visit to this observatory at nightfall is equally (or even more) stunning. You can take the opportunity to rest on the benches and enjoy a few moments of relaxed contemplation of the landscapes of this pearl of the Atlantic. The Pináculo Viewpoint is located in the parish of São Gonçalo, at Rua Conde Carvalhal.

Located in the parish of São Gonçalo, on the eastern edge of Funchal, the Pináculo Viewpoint overlooks the ocean at an altitude of 283 metres.

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