Quinta Vigia Viewpoint

Located in a landscaped area of great historical importance for Funchal, the Quinta Vigia Viewpoint has a seductive view over the city's bay. It is no coincidence that, throughout history, various personalities have been won over by the beauty of this place.


Located at Avenida do Infante, one of the best known streets in the region, Quinta Vigia, Funchal, was initially called 'Quinta das Angústias', as the chapel there, which dates back to 1662, is evocative of Our Lady of Anguish. Relevant names of European aristocracy visited this place until 1979, when this landscaped area was acquired by the Regional Government.


After extensive renovation works, this site, where the Quinta Vigia Viewpoint is located, became the official residence of the President of the Regional Government in 1984. Today, visitors are surprised by the botanical diversity they find here.


Species from subtropical regions and examples of flora from Madeira are harmoniously combined, providing, of course, the perfect setting for contemplating the view from the Quinta Vigia Viewpoint. With its privileged location overlooking the sea, this observatory allows you to look out over the elegant Funchal bay as far as Garajau.

The Quinta Vigia Viewpoint is part of this historic estate, which houses the official residence of the President of the Regional Government. Its view extends from the Funchal bay to Garajau.

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