São Roque Viewpoint

The municipality of Funchal is undeniably marked by the importance of the sea. It is part of the vast majority of the region's most iconic landscapes. At the São Roque Viewpoint, the Atlantic Ocean is the undisputed protagonist.


Located in São Roque, this observatory was named after the town's patron saint. This parish was, in fact, established in 1579 around the old São Roque Chapel, built in the early 16th century by locals with the help of municipal funds.


Nowadays, the São Roque Viewpoint is located precisely in front of the São Roque Parish Church, built on the site where that small historic chapel once stood. Built in the mid-19th century, this religious temple maintains its original features to this day.


A visit to the São Roque Viewpoint offers an enriching journey through the island's history and, of course, a access to a panoramic view over the Funchal bay. Furthermore, being at an altitude of 338 metres, it offers visitors a wide perspective over the immensity of the Atlantic. Enjoy the benches and quietly contemplate the landscape.

Built in front of the historic São Roque Parish Church, the São Roque Viewpoint offers a privileged perspective over the Funchal bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

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