Terreiro da Luta Viewpoint

The parish of Monte, which was created in 1565, is peculiarly positioned at the top of the slopes located to the north of the natural amphitheatre that embraces the city of Funchal. Given this geographical factor, the Terreiro da Luta Viewpoint, located in that parish, offers an unobstructed view over the capital of Madeira.


The landscape that surrounds the Terreiro da Luta Viewpoint is defined by the colourful mosaic formed by the city of Funchal. In the background, the iconic bay of this Atlantic city stands out with the ocean as a backdrop.


A visit to the Terreiro da Luta Viewpoint is highly recommended due to this memorable panorama, of course, but also given the importance of the historical landmark you will find there. We are talking about the Nossa Senhora da Paz Sanctuary, the largest monument on the island, with a total height of five metres.


This work, signed by architect Emanuel Ribeiro, was built as part of the promise made by madeirans during the bombing raids carried out by German submarines against Funchal in 1917. Carved in marble, this statue in honour of Nossa Senhora do Monte is part of the affective heritage of the island's people.

In the parish of Monte, with an unobstructed view over the Funchal bay, the Terreiro da Luta Viewpoint is located next to the Nossa Senhora da Paz Sanctuary.

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