Vila Guida Viewpoint

Funchal offers its visitors some truly special places where they can enjoy the best of Nature, the city and the sea, such as the Vila Guida Viewpoint, on Rua Conde Carvalhal.


The creation of this observatory dates back to 1938. At an altitude of 77 metres, it enjoys an excellent geographical position, which allows it to perfectly frame the Funchal bay. It is an amazing panoramic view, widely photographed and shared in the digital universe.


Located in the Vila Guida Garden, the Vila Guida Viewpoint has several landscaped areas and places where you can enjoy some moments of leisure and relaxation. With an area of 2,000 m², this garden is divided into two levels. On the lower level, you can contemplate several botanical species, including a number of very large trees that can be seen from the Marina of Funchal.


On the upper level, you will find the Vila Guida Viewpoint, which has a number of benches where visitors can sit to quietly contemplate the scenery. Finally, be sure not to miss the tile panel by Adriana Lajinha with an old image of Funchal's amphitheatre.

The Vila Guida Viewpoint offers visitors a wide view over the Funchal bay and is located in the Vila Guida Garden, which is also known for its botanical richness.

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