Palheiro Golf

With 6000 metres and 18 holes, Palheiro Golf has all the necessary conditions to enjoy this sport with all the comfort and well-being, while also being in contact with Nature.
Located 500 metres above sea level, Palheiro Golf provides a broad view over the gentleness of the Atlantic Ocean.


The landscape also features the outline of Madeira's mountains and the elegance of the Funchal bay.
Finally, the entire course is surrounded by botanical and maritime pine forests, which provide the ideal atmosphere for a few moments of contemplation.


Designed by renowned architect Cabell B. Robinson in 1993, Palheiro Golf is perfectly integrated into the parkland area of Quinta do Palheiro Ferreiro, making the most of the island's typical rugged terrain.
Between valleys and several hillsides, the course is challenging for both first-time golfers and more experienced players.


Palheiro Golf is therefore an ideal choice for those looking to make the most of the magic of this sport at any time of the year, while connecting to the peace and beauty of Madeira's Nature.

Palheiro Golf enjoys a privileged view over the Funchal bay. With 18 holes and 6000 metres, it is an ideal course for more and less experienced golfers.

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The practice of golf in the archipelago of Madeira is assured by the existence of three golf courses that gather conditions not only for practising the modality but also for organising national and international competitions.

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