Chão da Ribeira

Located in a valley overlooking the parish of Seixal, on the north coast of the island of Madeira, Chão da Ribeira is a green area ideal for enjoying revitalising contact with Nature.


This rustic setting is therefore suitable for enjoying a snack, having fun with the family, walking along trails or simply relaxing.


The landscape here is dominated by the characteristic exuberance of the Laurissilva forest.
The great variety of flora present in Chão da Ribeira offers the opportunity to take a close look at the wealth of the indigenous and exotic vegetation that marks the landscape of the island.


This bucolic view is complemented by the presence of farmland next to the river bed, with the typical terraces and tool sheds.
Chão da Ribeira has a small and pleasant picnic park prepared with a barbecue, tables and benches.
In fact, this is where the 'Panelo' Feast is held in January, when this traditional stew is prepared and tasted.


The Chão da Ribeira forest area is also as the starting point for some hiking trails and more radical activities, such as canyoning.
There are plenty of reasons, therefore, to come and make the most of this memorable natural setting.

Marked by a rustic and bucolic landscape, Chão da Ribeira is an ideal place to go for a walk, enjoy a snack or stroll around in contact with the indigenous Laurissilva Forest.

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