Selvagens Islands Nature Reserve

Selvagens Islands Nature Reserve

The Selvagens Islands Nature Reserve was the first of several protected areas in the Autonomous Region of Madeira and home to a valuable ecological heritage.
Furthermore, these volcanic islands are Portugal's southernmost territory.


Located about 250 km south of the island of Madeira, this archipelago covers a total area of 273 hectares and is an important bird sanctuary.
It was classified as 'Selvagens Islands Nature Reserve' in 1971 (one of the oldest nature reserves in Portugal) in order to defend the marine bird life that nests here from human threats.


The archipelago is made up of two groups: the northeastern group, which includes the Selvagem Grande island and two small islets - Palheiro da Terra and Palheiro do Mar; and the southeastern group, which includes the Selvagem Pequena island, Ilhéu de Fora and several smaller islets, such as the Alto, Comprido, Redondo islets, and the small group known as Norte Islets.


To protect its ecological integrity, access to the Selvagens Islands Nature Reserve is restricted, therefore those interested should previously request special authorisation from the Madeira Natural Park.

Made up of two main islands and several islets of volcanic origin, the Selvagens Islands Nature Reserve is an important bird sanctuary with warm, clear waters.

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