Fio Viewpoint

On the southwest coast of Madeira, near the western end of the island, there is an observatory that frames an oceanic landscape of undeniable beauty.
The Fio viewpoint, located in the parish of Fajã da Ovelha, in the municipality of Calheta, is the perfect place to enjoy moments of sea contemplation.


From this elevated spot, visitors then enjoy the possibility of observing the town of Paul do Mar, a small parish surrounded by cliffs and known for its centuries-old fishing tradition.
In addition, the scenery of the Fio viewpoint is complemented by the lofty rocks overlooking the sea that shape Madeira's coastline.


The Fio viewpoint is so called because of the transport cable that once helped to move goods to the town.
This structure, which can still be admired here, was installed to overcome the steep slope and thus guarantee supply to local population.


From the Fio viewpoint, visitors can start a hiking trail to the seafront.
The descent, made through Vereda da Fajã Grande, zigzags all the way down the slope, allowing for a closer look at its vegetation, as well as the typical agricultural terraces that still exist here.

Located in the municipality of Calheta, on the southwest coast of the island, the Fio viewpoint offers a privileged view of the ocean and the town of Paul do Mar.

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