Kayaking in Seixal

Seixal is becoming increasingly known and visited for its unique maritime landscapes. Its black sand beach, natural swimming pools and green mountains from where waterfalls flow towards the sea are some of the reasons that make kayaking in Seixal an experience not to be missed in such an attractive area of Madeira.


It is safe to say that this sport allows you to contemplate this area in a very striking way from the sea. Aboard a canoe or a kayak, you can explore with tranquillity (as well as with some adrenaline and excitement, of course) the rich natural heritage that you will find here.


Physical activity and relaxation, adrenalin and tranquillity, Nature and more Nature: this is what you can count on from this kayaking experience in Seixal, one of the most picturesque places in the island of Madeira. Suitable for the whole family, you can venture into this activity by contacting one of the specialised operators in the region, which will provide you with all the necessary equipment and training, so you can enjoy every moment with maximum pleasure and safety.


Come and explore the secrets of this sea nook from a very privileged perspective, kayaking in Seixal.

Enjoy the privilege of kayaking in Seixal, a place of incomparable natural beauty, increasingly known for its unique mountain and Atlantic landscapes.

Venture out on our sea!

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