Madeira Mandolin Route

Cultural heritage and identity

In this paradise in the middle of the Atlantic, from the sea to its green slopes, there is a tradition that dates back more than a hundred years, among its people and customs throughout the island.


The Madeira Mandolin Route invites you to be part of this tradition in music, in direct contact with its community, visiting the places, customs and flavours, in a unique experience for all the senses.


Come and discover our exotic places and be part of our tradition.


Organized by the Madeira Mandolin Association (ABM), “The Madeira Mandolin Route” is a touristic product differentiated in its roots by the local culture, involving an innovating way with multiple experiences, from the contact of nature to other musical traditions of Mandolin, as well as a taste for the local gastronomic of higher quality, offering the visitor an immersive experience rich in its diversity.

The values of ABM are valuing musical diversity, inclusion, exchange and artistic decentralisation of all practitioners, providing and promoting high specialised training, better professional conditions for artistic performance and access to international references for all performers and trainers of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

Cultural Agenda
20 May, 1 July, 29 July

Machico Route

Rota de Machico is a unique cultural and gastronomic experience around the city of Machico. On this route that lasts half a day, visitors and residents have the opportunity to learn a bit of history, taste some typical foods of the region and watch a concert by the organising entity, the Madeira Mandolin Association.
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