Herança Madeirense

Tourist Entertainment Company

Sharing the Legacy

HERANÇA MADEIRENSE brings together the artistic, cultural and heritage-related offer of ACADÉMICA DA MADEIRA. It is materialised through the promotion of several monuments and attractions in Funchal, offering a wide range of services with an emphasis on educational and tourist visits.


Moreover, HERANÇA MADEIRENSE organises music soirées, exhibitions, thematic cultural visits, audio guides, autonomous circuits focused on History, and other initiatives.


In our cultural and historical circuits, our employees help visitors discover the rich material and immaterial heritage of our region, allowing them to explore how those monuments and their occupants helped to shape our society.


The Jesuits College of Funchal, the St. John the Evangelist Church, the City Hall of Funchal, the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, the Santa Clara Monastery, the historic city centre and Quinta Vigia are the monuments and attractions included in HERANÇA MADEIRENSE's programme.

ACADÉMICA DA MADEIRA is the structure that represents the students of the University of Madeira. Created three years after the foundation of the University itself, it is a private, non-profit institution, governed by its own statutes and other general and specific applicable legislation. With more than 30 years of existence, ACADÉMICA DA MADEIRA is proud to be a symbol of the union between the students of its University. Receptive to criticism, opinions, complaints, suggestions and demands, it believes that students have and should play an active role in the future of their Academy and their Association.
Campus Universitário da Penteada, piso 0 e -1
9020-105 Funchal
regional government palace 1
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