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Lobosonda - Madeira Whale Watching

Lobosonda is a responsible whale watching company which aims to raise awareness to the magnificent marine fauna that surrounds the island of Madeira.


For almost two decades, the company has focused on providing its customers with an educational experience, sharing knowledge and raising awareness to the importance of protecting the ocean and the beings that live in it.


All encounters with cetaceans are passive moments where the aim is for the customer to have close contact with the animals, interfering as little as possible with their natural behaviour.


Lobosonda is based on the west side of the island of Madeira and has been offering whale-watching trips since 2003, providing its customers with an educational experience focused on the sustainability of the activity.

Lobosonda is a partner of and certified by the 'World Cetacean Alliance' (WCA) as a responsible whale watching company. We are the only company certified at regional level and the third company with this certification at national level. Lobosonda works with small groups of customers, focusing on an intimate and exclusive experience. Lobosonda's working team consists of biologists, sea guides, skippers and spotters. Over the years, Lobosonda has been consistently collaborating with scientific institutions (Whale Museum, University of Madeira, CIIMAR, etc.), by providing data and photographs collected during its trips. In this way, it contributes to a better understanding of the cetaceans that visit the island, aiming primarily at their protection.
Avenida D. Manuel I, Porto de Recreio da Calheta
9370-133 Calheta
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