On Tales

Maritime-tourist operator

Sea tours and whale watching

On Tales was founded in 2015 with the mission of exploring the seas in a way that respects the environment and the natural habitat of all the fauna and flora found in the aquatic environment.


On Tales reveals the wonders of the coast of Madeira Island, meeting your needs and preserving our relationship with marine animals, thus enabling future generations to do the same. The yacht 'Miranda', moored in the port of Calheta, sails to meet local cetacean species.


On Tales is based in the Calheta Recreational Harbour/Marina and operates along the entire south coast of Madeira Island. Experience, comfort, safety and empathy are the principles that guide and motivate the On Tales team.

The captain and crew will guide you, assisted by an observer strategically positioned on land, equipped with powerful binoculars and in constant communication. We always choose the safest and most comfortable route, according to the weather conditions, so that you can sail along the coast, as well as swim and dive with a snorkel, mask and fins available on board. On the way back, you can relax and sunbathe on the boat's deck, enjoying a cool drink while sharing your adventure.
Av D. Manuel I, Porto Recreio da Calheta
9370-133 Calheta
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