Engenhos do Norte

Located in the parish of Porto da Cruz, Engenhos do Norte is one of the main living testimonies of the historical production of sugar on the island. Visiting these facilities is, therefore, truly synonymous with a journey back in time.

Engenhos do Norte was built in 1927 and equipped with 19th-century machinery. However, to understand its relevance, one must go back to the 16th century. It was at this time that Madeira established itself as one of the most famous sugar producers in the world, and sugar was then known as 'white gold'. Even today, sugar cane remains one of the most important crops for the island.

As one of the three old mills active in Madeira, it can be truly regarded as a museum. In addition to seeing machinery from the Industrial Revolution times, you can follow the production of sugar cane brandy, or rum, according to the original methods.

Between March and May, visitors can witness the transformation process. During the rest of the year, one can see the machines with fewer safety constraints and understand the mechanism using interactive devices. Afterwards, you can taste a number of brandies at 'Casa do Rum', next to Engenhos do Norte, Madeira.


Engenhos do Norte, in Madeira, was built in 1927. Still active, it continues to be used to produce sugar cane brandy, or rum, according to the original process.

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