Penha d’Águia

With an incomparable grandeur, Penha d'Águia became one of the most important geological symbols of the archipelago of Madeira.


Located between Porto da Cruz and Faial, in the municipality of Machico, this enormous formation is a truly natural monument.


The grandness of this geological formation can be seen from countless points on the island of Madeira. With a height of almost 600 metres, its grandiosity unmistakably marks the landscape of the region, playing a leading role in the landscape that surrounds some of Madeira's most emblematic viewpoints.


Climbing Penha d'Águia is, therefore, an almost always unforgettable experience, despite being quite challenging and recommended only for hikers with good physical resistance. This is a dirt-track, steeply sloping trail, but it still offers good hiking conditions.

Vereda da Penha d'Águia begins at Caminho D. Sebastião. The route takes around 2h30 and is almost always surrounded by exotic vegetation. Arriving at the top, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view over the region's villages, the Madeiran mountain range and the Atlantic Ocean.


With a height of approximately 600 metres, Penha d'Águia is one of Madeira's most outstanding geological symbols. There is a trail that allows reaching its top.

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