Queimada Viewpoint

On Madeira's east coast, visitors can find several observation points whose scenery is marked by the vivid colours of the ocean, the region's towns and cities and, of course, the green mountains that are so characteristic of the island. The Queimada Viewpoint, Machico, is one of these sites, a great option for those who want to enjoy quiet moments of contemplation in this area.

This observatory can be found on Regional Highway 101, at Água de Pena. This parish, which belongs to the municipality of Machico, is about 20 kilometres from Funchal, lying along a slope that connects the mountains to the sea.

The Queimada Viewpoint, Machico, is located at a high altitude, which offers a panoramic view over the surrounding region. This way, visitors can see points of interest such as Ponta de São Lourenço, an arid peninsula on the easternmost tip of the island, the valley and bay of the city of Machico, the Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport, in Santa Cruz, or the parish of Caniçal, known for its extensive coastline.

So make sure you take some time to admire Madeira's east coast from the Queimada Viewpoint, Machico.


The Queimada Viewpoint, Machico, is located in the parish of Água de Pena, offering a panoramic view over Madeira's east coast with the ocean in the background.

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