São Roque Chapel

Commissioned by the second donee captain of Machico, Tristão Vaz Teixeira, following a promise, the history of São Roque Chapel takes us back to the distant year 1489. After going through several centuries of transformations and reconstructions, this small religious temple continues to take up a prominent position in the municipality's heritage.

This chapel is located on the western side of Machico bay. When it was built, São Roque Chapel was dedicated to Saint Roch, usually invoked against the plague and other diseases, as a token of gratitude for the end of the plague epidemic that was ravaging the region at the time.

However, the current São Roque Chapel dates back to 1739. This is because the previous building was demolished, given its run-down state. From that first temple, we can still find 17th-century tiles known as 'tapete de maçaroca' on the sacristy wall.

The temple we see today, built in plastered and whitewashed basalt masonry, has a longitudinal plan. The regional stonework portico has Baroque features. On the other hand, inside we highlight the valuable blue and white 18th-century tiles depicting the life of Saint Roch. The painting and the altarpiece are also Baroque.


São Roque Chapel, built in 1489 and rebuilt in 1739, has several Baroque architectural elements. It takes up a prominent position in Machico's religious heritage.

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