The parish of Camacha is a place full of stories and customs. Belonging to the municipality of Santa Cruz, it stands at an altitude of approximately 700 metres, and enjoys the unique characteristics of the island's rurality.

A quiet and picturesque parish, Camacha is known for keeping alive many of its ancient customs and traditions. Thus, throughout the centuries there were industries that, from early on, became associated with this parish. Handicrafts, particularly wickerwork, contributed largely to the establishment of a unique industry in the world and, in the golden years of production, the parish was even in the mouths of the world, by exporting beautiful and handcrafted wicker pieces to various continents. However, one cannot talk about Camacha without mentioning its folklore. Between songs and dances, the eye-catching skirts of the viloas, with a red ground colour and colourful vertical stripes swirl, immortalised as one of the region's symbols.

At Camacha, besides culture, you can also experience Nature. Levada da Serra do Faial crosses the whole parish, making it possible to walk along pleasant trails in communion with the local fauna and flora.


Camacha is a picturesque parish a few kilometres from Funchal, which still preserves some of the most emblematic Madeiran traditions.

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