Garajau Beach

There are several places in the archipelago of Madeira that surprise visitors with their idyllic outlines. Garajau Beach, integrated into a marine reserve, is one of those places. Its natural conditions are perfect for scuba diving.

This bathing area is located in the Garajau Partial Natural Reserve, created in 1986 to protect the rich biodiversity of these waters and thus prevent the desertification of the seabed. Fishing is currently prohibited in this protected area and navigation is subject to various restrictions.

The calm and clear waters of Garajau Beach are, of course, widely sought after by scuba diving enthusiasts. Here, scuba divers take advantage of the unique opportunity to come into contact with a rich fauna, namely large species such as, for example, the dusky grouper (Epinephalus guaza) or the giant oceanic manta ray (Mobula birostris)).

Garajau Beach can be reached by cable car. There, bathers will find various support facilities, such as toilets, changing rooms and a first-aid station. In addition, you can enjoy a pleasant meal with the Atlantic in the foreground, in the restaurants of this bathing complex.

Part of a marine reserve, Garajau Beach, Madeira, is bathed by crystal-clear waters, much sought after by scuba divers. This bathing complex has various support facilities.

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