Mercadinho da Camacha

Located in one of the most emblematic parishes of Madeira, Mercadinho da Camacha is a unique commercial space, where tradition and fresh local products reign supreme.

This market was inaugurated on 2 June 2018, in the parish of Camacha, municipality of Santa Cruz. It quickly became a must in the region, widely visited by both locals and visitors. At Mercadinho da Camacha you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, many of them grown in this parish, which slightly cooler climate favours the production of apples and plums, for example.

However, in addition to agricultural products, this market offers a wide variety of traditional items. At Mercadinho da Camacha you can find, for example, products such as the typical embroidery of Madeira, colourful flowers from the island, jewellery, regional confectionery and home-made bread (which stands out for including sweet potato, widely grown in Madeira).

You can find this bustling market in Largo Concelheiro Aires de Ornelas, in the centre of the parish of Camacha. Mercadinho da Camacha is open to the public from Thursday to Sunday, always offering the freshest and most traditional regional products.

At Mercadinho da Camacha you can find regional agricultural products, known for their excellent quality, and various traditional items, such as the typical embroidery of Madeira.

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