Palmeiras Beach

With attractions suitable for all ages, Palmeiras Beach stands out as one of the most popular bathing areas on Madeira's east coast. With various facilities and picturesque surroundings, this is an option to consider on the warmest days.

This bathing complex is located in the city of Santa Cruz, next to the municipal market. In addition to being located in an easily accessible area, Palmeiras Beach offers conditions and support services that make it suitable for users with reduced mobility.

This complex is divided into two areas: on one side, the swimming pool area, with one for adults and another for children and, on the other side, a pebble beach, quite characteristic of the island. To ensure that visitors can enjoy this place feeling totally relaxed and safe, this bathing complex has a lifeguard and a first-aid station.

Palmeiras Beach also offers several other facilities, such as changing rooms, showers, toilets and a pleasant restaurant area. Lastly, it should be noted that the excellent quality of the beach water is recognised by the Blue Flag.

Palmeiras Beach, in the city of Santa Cruz, has two areas: the swimming pool area and the pebble beach. It has several support facilities for bathers.

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