Ribeira Primeira Park

The parish of Santo António da Serra is one of the most attractive places for nature lovers on Madeira's east coast. The Ribeira Primeira Park, located in this town, is one of the most privileged sites for those looking to connect with the green, and certainly unique, landscapes of this area.

With a serene atmosphere, Ribeira Primeira Park is characterised by the dense vegetation of the sub-tropical humid Laurissilva forest, around 20 million years old, consisting mainly of species endemic to Macaronesia. In addition, Ribeira Primeira, whose name refers to the idea of pure and fresh water, gives this area the perfect atmosphere to enjoy relaxing moments.

In this recreational space with vibrant surroundings, visitors have the opportunity to discover a trail with eleven lagoons, where they can fish for trout. Afterwards, they can even cook the fish they catch in an outdoor picnic area. A certainly memorable experience.

Ribeira Primeira Park offers also a Coffee Shop & Tea House. It is also important to note that the experience offered to visitors includes, in addition to a visit to the park, a welcome cocktail, with regional 'Poncha', and a homemade meal.

Ribeira Primeira Park, in Santo António da Serra, offers visitors a range of services and a trail with eleven lagoons, marked by the dense vegetation of the Laurissilva forest.

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