Roca Mar Bathing Complex

Near the eastern end of the Garajau Nature Reserve, you will find the Roca Mar Bathing Complex, which is part of a hotel unit. Situated at the base of a cliff and enjoying the transparency of the area's waters, this bathing space is characterised by its rocky beach and by its solarium areas, on rocky levels.


From the Roca Mar Bathing Complex you can access the sea via stairs, but for those who prefer it, there is a saltwater pool in which it is possible to swim comfortably. Equipped with almost all support services and structures, this complex, unfortunately, cannot guarantee access to users with reduced mobility, as the only way to enter the bathing area is via some stairs, given this area's rugged orography.


This is, however, an option to be taken into account in Caniço, in the municipality of Santa Cruz, when the hot days are at their peak and all you feel like doing is taking a dip in the sea. Come and spend a memorable day in the crystal-clear waters of the Roca Mar Bathing Complex.


The Roca Mar Bathing Complex, located in Caniço, is part of a hotel unit with the same name and offers you great conditions to spend a fabulous day at the beach.

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