Santa Cruz Municipal Market

With a privileged location in the centre of the municipality, the Santa Cruz Municipal Market has an area of about 680 m². Here, a variety of products are sold that originate from the region, resulting from the subtropical climate and fertile soils of the island of Madeira. These two factors are the main contributors to giving a unique and distinctive flavour to the regional products that are sold in this market.

The Santa Cruz Municipal Market was built in the second half of the 20th century, more precisely in 1962. Luís Conceição Teixeira, the architect responsible for the project, designed the building in a modernist architectural style, considered unique in the municipality of Santa Cruz. This space also features two ceramic panels depicting typical activities of the region: fishing and agriculture.

Santa Cruz is a municipality known for its unique landscapes and its connection to nature, which should definitely be included in your itinerary when visiting the east coast of the island of Madeira. This includes taking a peek at the typical market of the municipality: the Santa Cruz Municipal Market. Explore this market and feel like a true Madeiran!

Opened in 1962, the Santa Cruz Municipal Market is a typical Madeiran market aimed at those seeking to purchase high-quality regional products.

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