Cachalote Natural Swimming Pools

Formed by volcanic rocks, the natural saltwater pools are one of the most attractive and emblematic spots on the north coast of the island of Madeira. At the entrance to the town of Porto Moniz, you will find the Cachalote Natural Swimming Pools, one of the municipality's main points of interest.

This free-access bathing area stands out for its picturesque outline, which offers bathers (and visitors) an untouched setting. Its natural morphology guarantees the entrance of pure and crystal-clear water of the Atlantic Ocean. It is, therefore, an excellent place to go bathing.

Although the Cachalote Natural Swimming Pools have no support infrastructure or sanitary facilities, bathers can enjoy their outdoor shower. Moreover, this bathing area is supervised throughout the bathing season.


In the proximity, there are some must-stop places when visiting the municipality of Porto Moniz. This is the case of the Madeira Aquarium, where you can come in contact with more than 90 species native to the archipelago, the Centro de Ciência Viva, where you can explore the permanent exhibition of Laurissilva - World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, or the famous Natural Pools of Porto Moniz.


Come and relax at these unique Madeiran pools.


The Cachalote Natural Swimming Pools, located at the entrance of the town of Porto Moniz, stand out for their peculiar morphology. Formed by volcanic rocks, they are one of the municipality's most attractive spots.

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