Calhau das Achadas da Cruz

Located in the northwest tip of the island of Madeira, Calhau das Achadas da Cruz is one of the most relevant points of interest in the municipality of Porto Moniz. Between the majesty of the mountains and the vivacity of the sea, this is a place increasingly sought after for its unique scenery.

Here, the attention turns to the Teleférico das Achadas da Cruz, which connects the Achadas da Cruz area and the Fajã da Quebrada Nova. Once at this 'fajã', visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of this small pebble beach - but the greatest pleasure lies in the journey.

While overcoming the steep slope, this cable car provides a panoramic (and truly breathtaking) view over the blue depths of the Atlantic Ocean, contrasting with the green of the mountain. In the background, you have the 'fajã' with its cultivated land. The high agricultural productivity of this area was one of the main reasons for the creation of the cable car, which helps farmers to reach the fields and transport their harvests.

It is also possible to access Calhau das Achadas da Cruz through Vereda do Calhau or Vereda da Ladeira.

Calhau das Achadas da Cruz is famous for its breathtaking scenery, which visitors can access via the cable car that connects to the Fajã da Quebrada Nova.

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