Madeira Aquarium

The town of Porto Moniz has a historical symbiotic relationship with the sea, mirrored, for example, in its fishing tradition or in its calling card, the natural pools. It is precisely this parish that houses the Madeira Aquarium, where the various habitats of Madeira's marine universe are exhibited.

There are 12 exhibition tanks, the most imposing of which has around 500,000 litres of salt water, which invite you on a journey through the secrets hidden in the Atlantic Ocean. More than 90 native species live together in this very special place, a substantial part of which can also be found on the other islands of Macaronesia, such as the Azores, the Canary and Cape Verde.

The Madeira Aquarium was built in the old fort of Saint John the Baptist. This iconic building was originally built in 1730 to respond to consecutive pirate raids. Already in 1998, its ruins were acquired by the Porto Moniz Town Council which, based on existing iconography, restored it to its original design.

Thus, this Aquarium was inaugurated in 2005, with the purpose of making known and preserving the richness of the archipelago's marine biodiversity. Come and be dazzled by this aquatic heritage.

With 12 exhibition tanks and more than 90 native species, the Madeira Aquarium, housed in an old fort, offers a memorable journey through the archipelago's vivid underwater world.

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