Parque de Merendas Viewpoint

The close contact with Nature, especially with the vibrant Laurissilva Forest, is one of the most remarkable experiences Madeira has to offer. On the north coast of the island, in the parish of Porto Moniz, there is a place where this experience is privileged: the Parque de Merendas viewpoint.

Located in Lamaceiros, the conditions of this park are very attractive, but it is the view that takes the lead. From here, it is possible to contemplate the entire extension of the parish of Ribeira da Janela, as well as part of the north coast of Madeira.

Being integrated in Parque de Merendas dos Lamaceiros , the Parque de Merendas viewpoint has unique conditions. In this space it is possible to find all the facilities necessary for picnics, such as three covered barbecues, tables and benches, water points, sanitary facilities (also appropriate for people with reduced mobility) and, of course, several green areas.

Levada da Ribeira da Janela starts next to this park. A visit to the Parque de Merendas viewpoint can therefore be a good starting point for hiking, through this or many other trails suitable for walking or mountain biking, for example.

Located at Lamaceiros, the Parque de Merendas viewpoint offers a privileged view over the north coast, as well as a close contact with Nature and several facilities.

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