Porto de Abrigo Viewpoint

The picturesque town of Porto Moniz displays an elegant and attractive seafront. In addition to its famous natural pools, the undisputed ex-libris of the municipality, this town is rich in places of great beauty. This is the case of the Porto de Abrigo viewpoint, where visitors can get to know a unique and very photogenic landscape.

Located almost at sea level, this is a privileged location for observing the region's coastline. As such, from this viewpoint it is possible to have a wide view of the Islets of Ribeira da Janela, rock formations of remarkable dimensions that rise a few metres from the coast.

The landscape here is marked by the rugged profile of the green mountains of the coast, in harmony with the clarity of the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, as the Porto de Abrigo viewpoint is located on the centenary Porto Moniz pier, visitors have the opportunity to watch fishermen returning after the harvest, for example. The fishing tradition marks the history and identity of this region.

You can also take the opportunity to refresh yourself in the 18th-century fountain of this emblematic place. Then, be sure to discover the charm of the peaceful town of Porto Moniz.

Located almost at sea level, the Porto de Abrigo viewpoint offers a wide view over the Islets of Ribeira da Janela and the north coast of Madeira.

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