Ribeira da Janela Viewpoint

The north coast of the island of Madeira is rich in imposing mountainous scenery, where the green of the slopes is complemented by the crystal-clear blue of the Atlantic. This is the case of the stunning landscape setting that can be viewed from the Ribeira da Janela viewpoint.

Located precisely at the top of the Ribeira da Janela parish, in Eira da Achada, this viewpoint allows you to see the parishes of Seixal, São Vicente and Ponta Delgada. The picture is completed, of course, with the beauty of the rugged and rocky outline typical of the coastline of this region of Madeira.

Inaugurated in 2009, Ribeira da Janela viewpoint has a series of infrastructures that make it pleasant for both tourists and local population. On this site, it is then possible to find sanitary facilities, spaces for children, areas prepared for picnics and a parking area.

Near the viewpoint, at Foz da Ribeira da Janela, the maritime landscape is marked by the presence of large rock formations that rise up in the ocean. At the top of one of these islets, the rock presents an opening that resembles a window (janela) - a peculiarity that gives the name to the stream and the parish.

Located on the north coast of the island of Madeira, the Ribeira da Janela viewpoint offers a wide view of the green slopes contrasting with the blue of the Atlantic Ocean.

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