Ribeira da Janela

It is in the parish of Ribeira da Janela that the watercourse with the same name ends. This is the longest and most abundant river formed inside the island of Madeira. Originating in the middle of the mountains, this water line crosses the Madeiran mountains until it flows into the Atlantic.

And it is precisely from the mouth of the river that it takes its name. The famous Islets of Ribeira da Janela, made up of impressive rock formations that mark the seascape, are close to the coastline. At the top of one of them, the rock has an opening that resembles a window (janela).

More and more surfers are coming here, attracted by the intensity of the sea that bathes this area of the north coast of Madeira. The pebble beach, with a parking area, sanitary facilities and showers, ensures all the necessary conveniences. The existence of a nearby camping park is also an asset for those who wish to camp in harmony with nature.


Ribeira da Janela is famous for the fertility of its soils, whose irrigation is guaranteed by the 'levadas' of Lombo Gordo and Cedros. In addition, the mountains of the parish display the dense Laurissilva Forest, which is particularly exuberant in Fanal.


Ribeira da Janela, the longest watercourse formed inside the island, flows into this parish with the same name and is famous for its Atlantic and mountainous landscapes.

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