Santinha Viewpoint

The town of Porto Moniz is widely known for its picturesque profile. From its natural volcanic pools to its mountainous slopes, the beauty of this place is, indeed, undeniable. From the Santinha viewpoint you can access one of the most complete (and enchanting) views over this very special parish.

To find this viewpoint, just follow Estrada Regional 101, which connects Porto Moniz to Santa do Porto Moniz. As it is situated next to the main road to the town, and has one of the most iconic panoramic views over it, the viewpoint is very sought after.

From this high point, visitors have the opportunity to peacefully contemplate the entire extension of the town of Porto Moniz, its natural pools with their peculiar outline, seen from above, the sinuous coastline and even Ilhéu Mole, a natural monument that adds to the scenery's charm.

At the Santinha viewpoint there is also a religious figure, evoking Nossa Senhora dos Caminhos. It is one of the multiple demonstrations of the importance of faith for the local population. Come and discover Porto Moniz from a different view!

Located near Estrada Regional 101, the Santinha viewpoint offers a different view of the town of Porto Moniz, its famous natural pools, and of Ilhéu Mole.

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