Miradouro do Véu da Noiva

Located on the old road connecting São Vicente to Seixal is one of the most iconic (and shared on social media) spots on the north coast of the island of Madeira. We are talking about the emblematic Véu da Noiva Waterfall, whose beauty can be admired from the Véu da Noiva viewpoint.

From this viewpoint, it is possible to admire this unrepeatable landscape in all its serenity. The waterfall that falls down the slope towards the sea, was so named because of its height and the abundance of water that gushes out of it. It therefore resembles the romantic veil of a wedding dress, contrasting with its green surroundings.

This waterfall is actually the suspended mouth of Ribeira de João Delgado, the result of a rapid retreat of the coast due to a process of vertical erosion. Its elegance is indescribable and, as such, attracts a growing number of curious people to this viewpoint.

Nonetheless, the Véu da Noiva viewpoint is also a good place to contemplate the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the typical vegetation-covered cliffs of the north coast of Madeira. A framework that is hard to forget, where Nature rules and surprises.

The Véu da Noiva viewpoint allows you to admire this abundant waterfall that erupts from the vegetation-covered slope, falling towards the sea. An emblematic place on the north coast of Madeira.

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