Cabo Aéreo Viewpoint

Integrated in the picturesque parish of São Jorge, in the municipality of Santana, the Cabo Aéreo viewpoint offers one of the most amazing views of the north coast of the island of Madeira. Between the jagged cliffs, the green surroundings and the depth of the ocean, this viewpoint leaves no one indifferent.

This viewpoint was given this name due to the cable that can still be seen here. In the old days, it was used to assist farmers and fishermen in transporting their goods more easily. This is how, for example, the sugar cane produced in this place was transported, and then taken by sea to the mills where it would be processed.

Situated in Arco de São Jorge, the Cabo Aéreo viewpoint has a picnic area and a privileged view over the crystal-clear sea. From here you can also see Calhau de São Jorge, where you will find a secluded beach in a small freshwater lagoon, and also the ruins that are part of the Primitive Centre of the parish of São Jorge, which belong to the old sugar cane mills that were installed here at the beginning of the island's settlement process.

Located at Arco de São Jorge, the Cabo Aéreo viewpoint offers a wide view over the ocean and also allows you to contemplate Calhau de São Jorge and its Ruins.

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