Calhau de São Jorge Bathing Complex

The unique characteristics that mark the north coast of the island of Madeira are well present in its beaches and bathing complexes, from where you can see the green mountains with their lush vegetation descending into the sea.

The Calhau de São Jorge Bathing Complex, in the municipality of Santana, is located at the mouth of São Jorge Creek and has a small beach, from where you can enjoy truly breathtaking scenery while engaging in the typical activities of a day at the beach.

The Calhau de São Jorge Bathing Complex provides access to a small freshwater lagoon, which in some areas reaches a depth of 5 metres. Three swimming pools will also delight those who visit this space, which also has a bar and restaurant, as well as showers and changing rooms. Although possible, direct access to the sea is not advised, especially if the sea is rough, which is sometimes the case on the north coast.

Come and enjoy a day at the beach at the Calhau de São Jorge Bathing Complex and be dazzled by the surrounding landscape that combines the valley, Nature and the sea.

When strolling along Madeira's north coast, treat yourself to a relaxing moment at the São Jorge Bathing Complex. Besides swimming, you can contemplate the natural beauty of this part of the island.

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