Madeira Theme Park

The Madeira Theme Park is a recreational space located in Santana, which aims to promote Madeira's culture and traditions through visitable attractions over a facility of 7 hectares. Inaugurated in October 2004, this park is of great importance in promoting Madeira's history, science and tradition.

The Madeira Theme Park has a vast cultural offer that includes attractions such as the Village of Traditional Houses of Santana, the Quintinha, the Fantastic Voyage in Madeira and the Pavillion for Children. The village promotes contact with artisans who work with materials such as wool, linen, Madeira embroidery and wickerwork.
There is also a traditional grocery shop and an old kitchen with a wood-fired oven where the traditional Santana bread is made. At the Quintinha, the younger ones can interact with various animals and take part in rural activities that are still part of everyday life for many locals.

The gardens that gather several species of endemic Madeiran flora, the replica of the Monte train and the possibility of a relaxing walk on the lake are also elements that make the Madeira Theme Park one-of-a-kind and a must-see".

The Madeira Theme Park is a unique attraction in the archipelago. Located in the municipality of Santana, it is an important space dedicated to the history and tradition of the Archipelago of Madeira.

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