Nossa Senhora da Penha de França Chapel

Located at Fazenda, in the parish of Faial, the Nossa Senhora da Penha de França Chapel is a very particular point of historical interest on the north coast of the island of Madeira. Set in a large rock, it is a small and picturesque religious temple that guarantees a surprising visit.

The main façade, facing east and torn by an arched doorway with a perfect round arch, is made of plastered and painted white masonry, topped by a Latin cross made of red stonework from Cabo Girão and also by a bell tower with a gilded bronze bell.

Its single nave is excavated in the rock itself, which creates an irregular vaulted cradle roof inside. There, one can observe a small altar in Mannerist stonework and a small holy water font.

The Nossa Senhora da Penha de França Chapel tells a story of several centuries. As far back as the 16th century, there is a reference to the foundation of a chapel in this area, in a former refuge of Canary Islands slaves. However, the official establishment of the chapel only dates back to 1685, the year still inscribed on the arch of the façade. In 1984, the old pilgrimage to Penha de França was reinstated.

In the parish of Faial, municipality of Santana, there is a very particular religious temple. Carved out of a large rock, the Nossa Senhora da Penha de França Chapel is a unique monument.

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