Nossa Senhora dos Bons Caminhos Viewpoint

The archipelago of Madeira is unmistakably marked by the beauty and grandeur of its natural landscapes, but also by the unique culture of its people. At the Nossa Senhora dos Bons Caminhos viewpoint, visitors can enjoy the opportunity to come into close contact with these two significant dimensions.

Thus, the arrival at this natural viewpoint is immediately marked by the presence of a religious figure invoking Nossa Senhora dos Bons Caminhos - faith is, indeed, a central feature of the cultural identity of this region. In the background, behind this small religious monument, the majestic deep and crystal-clear blue of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Nossa Senhora dos Bons Caminhos viewpoint is located on the Estrada Regional 101, which connects to the parish of Santana. It is, therefore, a mandatory stop for anyone taking this route.

From this point, besides the view over the sea, it is also possible to see the picturesque parish of Faial, surrounded by green slopes, as well as the grandiose Penha d'Águia, a geological formation that, with its approximate height of 600 metres, serves as a landmark dividing the municipality of Santana from that of Machico.

Located on the regional road connecting to the parish of Santana, the Nossa Senhora dos Bons Caminhos viewpoint offers a breathtaking view over the Atlantic and the Faial.

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