Pico Viewpoint

Rugged mountains, covered with green forests, with the Atlantic Ocean in the background and picturesque towns and cities scattered throughout the territory: this is just one of the ways to describe the scenery that opens up when you arrive at the Pico viewpoint.

This natural viewpoint is located on one of the slopes of the Ribeira de São Jorge, in the parish that holds the same name. The surroundings are, of course, marked by the vibrant presence of the immaculate Nature that occupies these mountains. It is, therefore, the ideal place to enjoy some time in communion with the peacefulness of the Madeiran atmosphere.

From here visitors can admire the grandeur of the mountains that surround the parish of Ilha, as well as Santana and São Jorge. In addition, since the Pico viewpoint is located at the mouth of Ribeira de São Jorge, it is also possible to see part of the Complexo Balnear de São Jorge from here.

This complex consists of a pebble beach with a small freshwater lagoon that reaches a depth of 5 metres, three swimming pools and a restaurant. There are plenty of reasons, then, to come and explore this viewpoint and its surroundings.

Located at the mouth of the Ribeira de São Jorge, in São Jorge, the Pico viewpoint allows you to contemplate the imposing mountains that surround the parish of the island.

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