Rocha do Navio Viewpoint

Located in the municipality of Santana, on the north coast of the island of Madeira, the Rocha do Navio viewpoint offers a panoramic view over the deep Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding coastal region.

The landscape of this place is marked by the presence of the Ilhéu da Viúva, which stands out for its maximum altitude of 94 metres. It is a place with a valuable botanical heritage, part of the Natura 2000 Network, where the characteristic plants of the Macaronesian cliffs and some species exclusive to this archipelago stand out.

The Rocha do Navio viewpoint, through a steep pathway in the rock, leads to the Rocha do Navio Natural Reserve, a name that derives from the shipwreck, in the 19th century, of a Dutch boat. Being exclusively marine, this reserve is delimited between Ponta do Clérigo and Ponta de São Jorge, also including the aforementioned Ilhéu da Viúva and the Ilhéu da Rocha das Vinhas.

This protected area, which can also be reached by cable car, is of great recreational but also scientific value, given the natural heritage preserved here. The Rocha do Navio viewpoint is the ideal place to be peacefully surrounded by Madeira's natural beauty.

Located in the municipality of Santana, on the north coast of Madeira, this viewpoint offers a glimpse of the beauty of a Natural Reserve with a natural, cultural and scientific heritage of great importance.

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