Santo António Viewpoint

The landscape of the north coast of the island of Madeira is largely known for its imposing rocky cliffs, contrasting with the crystal-clear blue sea on one side and the extensive areas of lush green forest on the other. At the Santo António viewpoint, visitors have access to a scenery where all this comes together in harmony.

Located in the municipality of Santana, when you arrive here you are rewarded with a stunning view over the cliff of the Achada do Gramacho, which appears in the foreground. At the top of this large cliff is the Quinta do Furão Hotel, known for its strong vineyard inspiration and for being surrounded by the characteristic exuberance of Nature in this region.

Still in this direction, the Santo António viewpoint allows you to contemplate the multiple vineyards that mark the landscape, as well as the picturesque gardens and the spaced out houses that complement the scenery.

Finally, from this viewpoint you can also see part of the famous Fajã da Rocha do Navio. This area is part of an exclusively marine Natural Reserve, created in 1997 with the aim of preserving the important biological heritage that exists there.

The Santo António viewpoint allows you to see, in the foreground, the impressive cliff of Achada do Gramacho, as well as part of the famous Fajã da Rocha do Navio.

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