Serragem da Achadinha

The great abundance of trees found all over the north coast of the island of Madeira, as well as the importance of this resource for the population, made the existence of sawing mechanisms indispensable. At Serragem da Achadinha it is still possible to observe up close how this mill works.

This is the only operational water sawmill on the island of Madeira. Located at Achadinha, parish of São Jorge, here you can see how the driving force of water was used in the past by the people of the region. Thus, here visitors have the rare opportunity to observe both the operation of the water saws, which cut the wood, and the driving wheel.

Due to its cultural and historical importance, the Serragem da Achadinha has, since 1998, been considered a Monument of Local Value by the Regional Department of Cultural Affairs (DRAC).

To complement this visit to the traditions that mark the history of the municipality of Santana, be sure to visit the São Jorge Watermill. Located a few metres from Serragem da Achadinha, this is also the last active watermill on the island. Two testimonies of Madeiran tradition to be discovered on the north coast of the island.

Serragem da Achadinha is located at Achadinha, in the parish of São Jorge. Considered a Monument of Local Value, it is the only working water sawmill on the island of Madeira.

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