Museological Centre - Rota da Cal

The lime production process represents an important historical role in the municipality of São Vicente. Thus, the Museological Centre - Rota da Cal can now be found at Sítio dos Lameiros, where one can get in touch with the whole process between the extraction of limestone and its uses after cooking.

Here, visitors have the opportunity to take a 30-minute hiking trail that connects the limestone quarries with the museum. This is precisely the trail formerly taken by the lime kiln workers, who transported firewood, limestone and water to the lime kiln.

With an area of approximately 12,000 m², the Museological Centre - Rota da Cal includes two limestone quarries, a lime kiln, a set of fossils over five million years old and several properties used to support production, namely terraces, 'levadas' and a hayloft.

Inside the museum, visitors have access to an explanation of the lime production process, until it reaches its numerous uses. In 2005, due to its cultural and natural relevance, the Rota da Cal was classified by the Regional Government of Madeira as Regional Public Interest Heritage.

Located in Sítio dos Lameiros, São Vicente, the Museological Centre - Rota da Cal allows you to get in touch with the whole process from the extraction of limestone to its several uses.

Sítio da Achada do Furtado do Barrinho, Lameiros | 9240-211 São Vicente
Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00 | Closed: Sunday, Monday and Public holidays
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