São Vicente Caves

There are places that tell the story of the island of Madeira in a unique way. This is the case of the emblematic São Vicente Caves, which were formed 890 thousand years ago. Nawadays, they can be visited via a 700 metres-long underground trail.

The São Vicente Caves were created following a volcanic eruption in Paul da Serra. The outer part, which was exposed to lower temperatures, solidified quickly. In turn, the lava continued to flow inside, forming a series of ducts with the gases released - the 'volcanic tunnels' that can be seen here.

These were some of the first caves of volcanic origin to be opened to the public in Portugal, in 1996. However, their dissemination by the local population took place a century before, in 1885. Currently, they are an ex-libris of the municipality of São Vicente.

At the São Vicente Caves you may enjoy a remarkable journey to the interior of the Earth, with the possibility of accessing the Volcanism Centre to complement the visit in a pedagogical and entertaining way. Among volcanic stalactites, lakes and tunnels five to six metres high, it is the ideal place to be dazzled by the mysteries of Nature.

These 890 thousand years old volcanic caves can be visited throughout a 700 metres trail. An opportunity you can't miss to get in touch with the island's millenary history.

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