Curral das Freiras

With its unique location, in a deep valley resembling a volcano crater, the parish of Curral das Freiras is one of the most picturesque places on the island of Madeira. Its surroundings are marked by the imposing presence of the mountain peaks that shelter the town.

With an area of 25.07 km² and a population of around 2000, Curral das Freiras is the largest parish in the municipality of Câmara de Lobos. Its History goes back several centuries. In fact, we need to go back to the 16th century to understand the origin of its name.

The town was named after the nuns of the Santa Clara Convent who, in 1566, found this to be the ideal refuge when pirates attacked Funchal: Curral das Freiras is one of the few places on the island that, being hidden between the mountains, is not visible from the sea.

Here, visitors can find points of interest, such as the Church of Nossa Senhora do Livramento, built in the 19th century, or the Eira do Serrado Viewpoint, at an altitude of 1095 metres. In addition, the local delicacies are a must, with chestnut taking the leading role.

Located in a deep valley, the picturesque parish of Curral das Freiras is known for the wealth of its natural landscapes, framed by the imposing mountain peaks that surround it.

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